Tesla Owners: Good news! There’s no subscription necessary for in-car apps when linking your vehicle with Rainge.

Smart Car Owners: The need for a subscription varies and is dependent on the specific model of your Smart Car. Below is a summary of connected services for various makes and their subscription costs:

Hyundai (Hyundai BlueLink): A subscription is required. New vehicles come with a 3-year free trial, with each package costing $9.90/month thereafter.

Jaguar (Jaguar InControl): Subscription needed, including a 3-year free trial. The cost is approximately $100/year thereafter.

Kia (Kia Access): Requires a subscription after a 3-year free trial. The annual cost is around $100 thereafter.

Lexus (Lexus Enform): Subscription necessary. Offers a free trial for up to 3 years, varying by model year, with an $80/year cost thereafter.

Nissan (NissanConnect Services): A subscription is needed after a 6-month free trial, costing $8.00/month thereafter.

VW (Car-Net): No subscription is required.

This information is intended to help you understand the subscription requirements for using Rainge with your vehicle. Please refer to your vehicle's connected services terms for the most accurate and up-to-date information.