Login to Charger

A) Wi-Fi Hotspot

Connect your computer’s Wi-Fi to the charger’s Wi-Fi hotspot.  The Wi-Fi hotspot name will be in the following format:  SC3-<9 digit serial number> or IC3-<9 digit serial number>.  For example SC3-1813EM001.  The Password is: <9 digit serial number>@SC3.  For example: 1813EM001@SC3

B) Ethernet Connection (If Wi-Fi Hotspot not available)


Start by disassembling the top cover (instructions in user manual) to get access to the Ethernet port. Then connect a computer (With internet access) to the charger using an Ethernet cable. 

  1. Open up a browser to  If that does not work try 

  2. Now you should see the login screen. To be able to configure the charge point you should enter “admin” in the user name box. The default password is “howru2RU2IC3”.

C) Charger IP Address

If neither Wi-Fi Hotspot nor Ethernet connection are working, the charger might already be connected to your home Wi-Fi network. If this is not the case, the charger will need to be power cycled and connected using Option A or B from above.

If the charger is in fact connected to your home Wi-Fi network, find its IP Address by looking up your network’s router table and finding the IP Address. After finding the charger’s IP Address, follow steps 1 and 2 from above but using the recently found IP Address instead.

Point the Charger to the Rainforest OCPP server

Clicking on the “Configuration” and then “OCPP Settings” link will bring up the OCPP settings page.

  1. In Remote Control Settings, set the Remote control type: OCPP 

  2. Click apply in the first apply button in the Remote Control Settings section.

  3. A dialog box will appear asking if you would like to reboot. Select No

  4. In Service Settings, set Central System URL: wss://ce-dev.rainforestcloud.net
  5. Basic Auth ID: will be provided
  6. Basic Auth Password: will be provided
  7. Change Message Transport Layer to WSS
  8. Click apply at the bottom of the Service Settings section.
  9. Scroll down to see OCPP 1.6 settings.
  10. Make sure AuthorizeRemoteTxRequests is set to No

  11. Click “Apply”

  12. If the Charger is already connected to your home Wi-Fi network, skip the “Set up Wi-Fi” step and choose yes when asked to reboot. Otherwise choose No.

Set up Wi-Fi

  1. Clicking on the “Configuration” and then the “Communication Settings” link will bring up the following screen.Scroll to the WIFI settings and set up the connection with your router by clicking on Scan, then selecting the SSID, select Security as Auto and entering the password. Ensure Station Only is ON. Scroll down and click on apply.
    A dialog box will appear, asking whether you would like to reboot. Choose Yes.