The EAGLE can upload data obtained from your smart meter to a third-party website of your choice. If you are unable to find your third-party website in the drop down options, you can add it as a Custom Uploader. Please follow the instructions in this page to add a custom uploader for your EAGLE.

1. Login to your account on the user web portal (

2. Make sure your EAGLE is selected ('Cloud ID' drop down menu at the top of the page).

3. Go to the 'Settings' page, and click on the 'Cloud' tab. Click the 'Select Destination' field and you will see a drop down menu.  Select the service you would like to use.

If the service you want is not listed, select 'Custom' and fill out the fields:

  • LABEL: The name of the uploader
  • PROTOCOL: Choose between HTTP or HTTPS
  • HOSTNAME: The address you would like to upload the data to.
  • URL: The endpoint that you need to push the data to. If there are no specific endpoints, then enter '/'. 
  • PORT: The port in the endpoint. If there are no specific endpoints, then try to use the default ports, 80 (http) or 443 (https).
  • USERNAME (Optional): The username to login to your custom uploader website.
  • PASSWORD(Optional): The password to log in to your custom uploader website.
  • FORMAT: Usually specified by the uploader site, you can choose to upload the data in the form of XML(Raw), XML(Processed) or JSON.

Then click on the add button and wait for the prompt .

You should be able to see your custom uploader as well as the status of the uploader. You are good to go if the status is 'OK'.

For further help in setting up a custom uploader, please contact the Rainforest Support team.