The EAGLE streams your usage data from your meter to the Rainforest Cloud.

You can see your data using the EnergyVUE app on your phone, but you can also view it using a web browser on your computer to see the User Portal.  Point your browser to  You will need to use your Cloud Account credentials to log in (to set up your Cloud Account see the Set up your Cloud Account section of this online manual).

At the top of the page is a banner the main menu on the right.

  • (i) - click this to turn on helpful notes that explain the elements of the page
  • Cloud ID - allows you to choose from a drop down list of EAGLEs to select the unit you would like to view. EAGLEs can be added to the list by going to Settings>EAGLEs.
  • Home - returns you to the Home screen.
  • Settings - takes you to the Settings screen; see User Portal Settings for details.
  • Contact Us - takes you to the EAGLE support page on the Rainforest web site.
  • Logout - ends this session and logs you out of your Cloud Account.

Below the banner are four status boxes.

  • Average - Average energy demand over the past week.
  • Always On - Amount of electricity being used (base load) with everything turned off ("vampire load"). Unplug PVRs, Computers, A/V equipment to see this go down.
  • Peak - Maximum peak demand in the last 7 days.
  • $/KWH - Cost per unit of energy from your electric provider. Doesn't include all the taxes and daily fees you may see on your utility bill. You can change this by going to Settings>Metering.

Below the status boxes is the data display section of the screen.  This section shows three types of data, which can be selected from the menu at the top right.

1. Live

This shows a real-time, scrolling display of your live meter demand data.  You can select the timeframe of the display, and the detailed data point values are shown when you mouse over the graph.

2. History

You can toggle Comparison, Demand history (kW) and Energy history (kWh) using the buttons above.

Demand History

You can view your Demand (kW) historical data in the selected timeframe (day, week, month) and toggle the Average (Pink) and Always On (Blue) line on your graph by clicking the corresponding status boxes up above.

You can also click the Compare (scales icon) button to overlap two time periods and compare. The top graph will be in green and the other will be in blue behind it.

Week to Week Comparison

Energy History

You can view your Energy (kWh) historical data in the selected timeframe (day, week, month).   

With all of the graphs, moving your cursor over a data point on the graph will show the detailed data, and at the bottom of the graph you can click Download to create a CSV file of all of the data for the graph you are looking at.

3. Control

If your EAGLE has devices connected to it such as thermostats or smart plugs, then you will see a Control option in the menu at the top of the data section.

You can control your connected devices and monitor their energy usage from here. For more information about adding control devices and a list of compatible devices visit: Adding Control Devices to the EAGLE-3