Sometimes it is not possible to use the Ethernet cable to connect the EAGLE to your router. For instance, if the router is too far away from your utility meter, it may be beyond the range of the meter’s Zigbee radio. Or, there may not be an available port on your router. In these cases, you may choose to use the internal WiFi radio in the EAGLE 3 to connect to your router.

Follow these steps to connect your EAGLE to your home WiFi network:

To start please disable auto join or "connect automatically" on your phone or computer for your current network before continuing. As the device can sometimes leave the Eagle's Wi-Fi access point and re-join the home network connection, this can cause issues with connecting the Eagle to Wi-Fi.

  1. Do not plug in the Ethernet cable.
  2. Use your computer or phone equipped with WiFi to scan for WiFi access points. In the list will be an entry for “eagle-xxxxxx (router)” (where xxxxxx is the 6-digit Cloud ID found on the label on the side of the EAGLE).  If you don't see EAGLE in the WiFi list, it means that the WiFi radio is off; to turn it on press the button on top of the EAGLE for 5 seconds, wait for about a minute and then press the top button again for 1 second.

  3. Click on “eagle-xxxxxx (router)” to connect to the EAGLE. When prompted for the password, use the EAGLE's Install Code (16-digit hexadecimal number shown as “IN:” on the label on the side of the EAGLE).
  4. After you are connected, open your web browser and go this address: 
  5. When the Login page appears, enter the Cloud ID for the user name and the Install Code for the password and click 'Log In'.
  6. Loading networks screen appears. If it doesn't click Setup Wi-Fi.
  7. EAGLE will scan for a list of the WiFi networks.  Select your home network.
  8. Enter your home WiFi network password and join the network.
  9. The screen will change to applying changes and the Eagle's WiFi Access Point will disappear. In some cases there will be a never ending loading screen saying "Applying changes". Wait for about a minute to allow it to connect to your home WiFi, then you can close the address and the Eagle WiFi access point should disappear.
  10. Check to see if the Eagle has successfully connected: Yellow Cloud LED should go off in about 1-2 minutes, Eagle should show up as online on the Web User Portal and the EnergyVue App.
  11. If the above is not true, it is possible that a wrong Wi-Fi password was entered. Please hold the top button for 5 seconds, wait for a minute and then press the top button for one second and repeat steps 2-10.