The power supply that comes with your EAGLE-200 is the only power supply you should use with it.  We've tested dozens of power supplies and most of them don't produce the rated output.  This will result in the EAGLE resetting itself occasionally, having poor radio performance, etc.  Even worse, some power supplies being sold online are poorly designed which could result in a fire.

In case you lost the power supply that came with your EAGLE, do not substitute a micro USB phone charger.  Chargers are meant to charge up a device with a battery and aren't design to give clean power to an always-on device like the EAGLE.  You can look online for a 5V 2A micro usb power supply for a raspberry pi or similar devices.  When looking at it, look at the reviews to see if it performs as promised.  

Here is an example.  While we haven't tested this unit, others have and that gives us some confidence it will work:

Let us know if you have other recommendations!