Warning: Doing a Zigbee module reset will require you to contact your utility to re-register the EAGLE-200 with your meter as the connection will be permanently dropped.  You should only perform this if you are wanting to connect the EAGLE-200 to a new meter because you have moved or have otherwise been unable to get the EAGLE-200 connected to your meter.

1. Unplug the EAGLE-200 from its power adapter.

2. Find the "Switch2" hole on the back of the EAGLE-200:

3. Insert a pen or paperclip wire into the "Switch2" hole to press the internal switch, and keep it pressed.
4. Plug the EAGLE-200 power back in while holding down the switch for 5 seconds.  
5. Release the switch.

Now allow the EAGLE-200 to start up.  It will now be disconnected from the meter.