We often get customers reaching out to us asking to get a Rainforest product they purchased from someone else up and running.  Ebay sellers as well as third party sellers on Amazon often sell products that might look ok, but there is much more underlying the products than simply aesthetics.  More often then not, they are disappointed when they find out that the product they purchased doesn't work and there is nothing anyone can do about it.  Rainforest runs lots of programs with other companies and utilities that are custom-made for them and as a result, won't work for you.  We also have products that have been disposed of, stolen in shipments, or otherwise not usable.  As we only activate authorized products, these products will not connect to our systems or smart meters.

We also have many devices that are no longer actively supported by Rainforest, such as the original EAGLE, RAVEn, and original EMU.

Please avoid getting scammed and shop directly from Rainforest's online stores:

US Customers

PPL Electric Customers

BC Hydro Customers

Customers from other regions/utilities