The EAGLE-200 allows you to not only connect to smart meters and get your whole-home's energy usage, but you can also connect to certain Thermostats, Load Switches, and Smart Outlets. You can find a list of compliable devices here:

Here's how to add a device:

Open the EnergyVUE App on your iOS or Android device.


Select the Settings menu on the bottom menu bar.

This will bring up the Settings page.

Click the '+' symbol in the top right of the screen.

   This will engage your device's camera 

      (you may have to enable it).

Scan the 2D bar code (QR code) located on

the label of the device you want to connect 

to your EAGLE-200 by putting it within the 

white scan frame.

When your camera has scanned the label,

The info collected will appear on the 'Add

Smart Device' screen.

1) Enter a name for your device (such as 'desk 

lamp', 'dryer', etc.)

2) Select the model of the device from the dropdown


3) Select the type of load you are controlling from

the dropdown menu.  This will customize the icon.

4) Tap 'Submit' at the bottom of the screen.

You should see a Success message.  

   Tap 'OK' to clear it.

Now you will need to put the device that you're 

connecting to into 'pairing' mode.

Check the instructions for your device:  

Once your device pairs with the EAGLE-200

you will see the 'Not Joined' message under

the device name disappear.

Tap the 3 vertical dots on the right of the 

device listing to get to the Device page.

On the 'Device' screen you can control the 

device remotely, and see the real-time data, 

as well as historical data.