The EAGLE-200 has five LED lights at the front of the top of the device.

These lights are a quick way to check the status of the device.


Power: shows that the device is powered on.  The light should always be on when the unit is plugged in

Ethernet: shows status of the connection to the local Ethernet network:
  • On – connected to the router.
  • Blinking – link active, but waiting for an IP address from router.
  • Off – no connection;  may not be plugged in. Will be off when WiFi is used

WiFi: shows status of the WiFi radio:
  • On – connected to your router in Client Mode.
  • Slow Blink – AP/Router Mode.
  • Fast Blink – joining network.
  • 5 blinks, Pause – error.
  • Off – radio off.

Cloud: shows status of connections to the cloud:
  • On – connected to the Rainforest Cloud.
  • Blinking – problem with cloud connection

Meter: shows status of the radio connection to the meter:

  • On – connected to the meter.
  • Blinking – waiting to connect to meter.