Rainforest's products currently support getting the price of electricity $/kWh either from the smart meter directly, manual fixed price, or variable time-of-use prices.  Based on this $/kWh, we are able to show you the cost of electricity on your EMU-2 and in the EAGLE's user portal and apps.

Depending on which utility you are with this $/kWh is either coming from the smart meter itself, or it needs to be input manually:

  • BC Hydro Customers: All your meters support pricing and you can only get pricing from the meter (you cannot manually set it). If you aren't seeing any pricing or cost information, please use the following form to contact BC Hydro and let them know (you'll need to login to your BC Hydro account): BC Hydro Support Ticket
  • PG&E Customers:  Pacific Gas and Electric customers that are electricity rate plans that were released prior to 2017 should be getting pricing from the meter. If you are not on one of those price plans, then you will need to manually input pricing on your device.  If the pricing you are getting is incorrect, please contact PG&E: [email protected]

Manually Inputting Pricing:

  • Currently if you are not getting pricing from the meter and you are not with one of the utilities above, you will need to input it manually.
  • EAGLE-200 users are able to setup time-of-use pricing on their devices by setting up the utility and rate plan.
  • To configure the pricing: