The EAGLE-200 now supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to get insights into your home's energy usage just by asking!  To enable that feature, follow the instructions here:  Enabling Voice Assistants with EAGLE-200

Here is what you can ask.  Depending on what data we have for you, it will give you different responses that are contextual and personalized for you.

  • “What’s my energy snapshot?”
  • “What’s my current usage?”
  • “What’s the current price of my electricity?”
  • “Tell me about my always-on usage?”
  • “When does my billing period end?”
  • “How long before I reach tier two?”
  • “What was my minimum usage over the last (number) days?”
  • “what was my average usage over the last (number) days?”
  • “What was my peak energy usage over the last (number) days?”
  • “How much energy have I used in the last (number) weeks?”