The EAGLE-200 now supports integration with Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant.  Using a compatible smart speaker or the Alexa or Google Assistant smart phone apps, you can find out about your home's energy usage just by asking some questions!

Here's how you get going:

1)  Make sure you have access to a compatible smart speaker or download the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant apps from the App Store.  Note: The Google Home app is a different app and will not work with this.

2) Enable the skill by searching for it in the apps or by clicking appropriate button below:


3) When you enable a skill, you'll have to link it with your Rainforest account.  You'll be asked for a username and password on a screen with the Rainforest logo.  In there, enter the username and password you use to login to the Rainforest EnergyVUE app or the Rainforest Portal.  If you are unsure or have difficulty with that username and password, you can try it out first or reset it on the portal page:  Rainforest User Portal

4) Try it out with some phrases!   Supported Questions for Voice Assistants

Note:  If you have multiple EAGLEs on your account it will base its answers on the EAGLE that you last used in the app or portal.  To change which one is being used, simply select a different one in the EnergyVUE app or Portal.